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Speech synthesiser converts a file to audio format so that it can be heard. There are a number of good and effective packages for Linux/FreeBSD.

We have chosen Festival for three reasons:

  1. It is easy and comes with good documentation.
  2. It is available as a part of linux distributions and FreeBSD.
  3. There is a package for Telugu- festival-te that works well with it.

Festival can be used in two ways after installtion.


1. Use the command "festival". Then use the command "(tts "FILENAME" nil)" to hear the txt file in English. If the name of the file is "xyz.txt", the command will be (tts "xyz.txt" nil).

2. Use the command "text2wave myfile.txt -o myfile.wav" to convert your file into wav format and "text2wave xyz.txt -o xyz.ogg" to convert to ogg format. Here "xyz.txt" is the name of the input text file, and "xyz.wav", "xyz.ogg" are the names of audio files we want as output. Play your wav/ogg file with vlc, totem or audio player of your choice.


1.Install the festival-te package by downloading it either from here or from the website of sourceforgeDOTnet.

2. Copy your telugu document into a txt file. Use these commands after using the command "festival".

2.We could not succeed with the command "text2wave......" in Telugu.

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