Telugu fonts for free download under Open Font License
A License similar in spirit to GPL

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The erstwhile A.P.Government and Silicon Andhra have released a large number of Telugu fonts for free down. These are released under Open Font License a license that is similar in spirit to GPL GNU although the terms may differ slightly. Lohit Vemana, Pothana fonts are released under GPL GNU.

These fonts vary in shape and appearance - giving a wide choice of fonts to choose depending upon need/choice required. Most of these are hard coded with international numerals and English alphabet.

The advantage of this feature is that these fonts are able to give correct results - for commands in tex system just as well as English language fonts. So a perfect pdf file can be generated with all the utilities of tex system working perfectly with these fonts.

The ttf files for these fonts can be downloaded from here. Dhurjati, Gidugu, Gurajada, Lakkireddy and Mallanna fonts look like this. This file shows Mandali-Regular, NAT, NTR, Peddana-Regular fonts. This file shows Ponnala, Pothana2000, Ramabhadra, Ramaraja and RaviPrakash fonts. SriKrishnadevaraya, Suranna, Suravara, Tenali Ramakrishna and Timmana fonts look like this .

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