Livecd- Using Linux Without Installating


The advantage of livecd is that it is run on ram. Hard disk is not used. Thus the operating system, and relevant system and user data therein remain untouched/unchanged.

There are a number of livecds. We are giving some of these in form of iso images.Download the iso image and burn it on cd.

Then run the livecd and use the applications. If you have also have an USB drive, you can save your work on USB drive. Or remove the cd once the livecd is on your system, and insert any cd/dvd, run audio - video cd/dvd/vcd. Or save your work on a cd- by burning iso image- just as you do on a regular system.

Puppy Linux is by far the best and very fast. But if you want to select a livecd for any particular purpose - select from the livecds that are available - from a searth through google.

In case of Puppy Linux please remove the cd after the livecd comes alive, insert any dvd or cd and read/view the same as if it is regular Linux.

It has a Word Processor, a spread sheet, video/audio player, text editor, browser, programs to paint, draw . Do Try. The best advantage is that you can view email, and contents you receive from outside without the risk of damaging your operating system - you are working only on ram.

Similarly, when you use LiMP - the cd comes out after it is alive on your screen. You can then insert any cd/vcd/dvd and view the contents with out risk of damaging your system.LiMP is meant specially for multimedia.

Slax: It works like Puppy Linux. One advantage is that you can add packages you need - and download the enlarged iso file. So there is no need to worry about installing additional packages subsequently.

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