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If linux cannot be installed on your system or any program has to be run suddently -when linux is not in your system- linux can be used in its temporary form -"Live CD".This tmporary linux - "live cd" - can be used for all office work, graphics - vidoes, multimedia and internet,

Livecd can run on cd/dvd/usb/pendrive or external hard drive - without any reference to regular operating system/hard disk on Ram. Thus the operating system, and relevant system and user data therein remain untouched/unchanged. It is best suited for work with internet - the basic system remains free from attacks/malware.

It comess like a guest, vanishing once the work is over. The work done/data can be saved on any pendrive/usb/cd/dvd/external hard disk. In fact there are specialised livdcds for specific works.

Because of their small size,they work very fast. There are livecds ranging from 100MB to several GBs. We can choose livecd suited for any particular work.

Then run the livecd and use the applications. If you have also have an USB drive, you can save your work on USB drive. Or remove the cd once the livecd is on your system, and insert any cd/dvd, run audio - video cd/dvd/vcd. Or save your work on a cd- by burning iso image- just as you do on a regular system.

Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux , Slax are some of the famous small-size livecds. Puppy linux is byfar most popular live cd. It has packages for all needs. If necessary, we can install telugu(or other language fonts and work in that language. Slax has another advantage - it is modular - you can easily add packages you want. LiMP is best suited for multimedia.

When you use LiMP - the cd comes out after it is alive on your screen. You can then insert any multimedia cd/vcd/dvd and play the contents.

Some of the popular livecds are :: Puppy Linux-Older Version 4.1retro-series, Puppy Linux-New Version 5.2 series, DamnSmallLinux, LiMP, Slax.

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