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Free Software is available for almost all aspects of life. In most of fields, free software is affordable and is of good quality in most of the cases. It is available from internet.

Main Sources: Packages for linux are available from the web sites of gnuDOTorg, linuxDOTorg, tucowsDOTcom, fsfDOTorg, freshmeatDOTnet and sourceforgeDOTnet. Other sources are the websites of major distributions (such as fedora, ubuntu, debian, knoppix, slax, puppylinux).

Operating System: Using linux without disturbing your exisitng systems: Use a live cd on a cd, usb drive, dvd or external harddrive. One choice: Puppy Linux. It works very fast. It is a multipurpose desktop. You can save your session to USB or CD drive or hard disk. See the documentation for full details. Except for intensive graphics or very big audio files, it should work very fine. Slax, with a chance to add special packages is another option.

For any special need or if another livecd is preferred, select from the long list of live cds available at website of wwwDOT livecdlistDOTcom.

Using Linux on permanent basis: You can install it as a stand alone system- or as one co-existing with MSWindows and other systems. Almost all packages available under MS Windows are available in free software- but with slighly different name and model. You have access to the source material, with a great mass of documentation and support- from Free Software and Open Source communities. With Linux you can do work dealing with every aspect of life- office, multimedia, internet, progrmming, graphics, games, printing or education. In a dual-boot or multi-boot system - both MSWindows, other systems [like FreeBSD] and Linux will be operative. A list of distros is given here.

A list of important commands is given here. The GUI in linux is very intuitive and well developed- it is similar to that of MS Windows in looks. So there will not be any difficulty in moving to Linux.

Linux has some excellent utilities sed, awk, linux tools, Compression tools, tar, backup tools, Okular, Image Magick and Gimp which solve almost all issues easily.

Packages: There are packages for almost all fields of activity. These come as part of operating system, installed at the time of installation of the operating system. Or they can be installed from the CD/DVD of the distro. They can be downloaded from the concerned websites through internet.

There are several workarounds in Linux.These tips will be helpful in speeding up working, in increasing stability/speed of the system.

FreeBSD: The commands and tips are equally applicable to FreeBSD. The packages which are in "tar.gz" format can be installed in a way similar to that in Linux. Or they can be downloaded from wwwDOTfreebsdDOTorg and installed in the way specified by them.

These three steps, if implemented rigorously, will ensure that your system will withstand all types of calamities and mishaps and resume without any trouble.

Free Software for Telugu: Linux has support for Indian languages - Telugu included. Free Telugu fonts are available. They can be downloaded, installed and used. geditor supports Telugu fully. Firefox/Chrome can used for Telugu content. MySQL or mariadb can handle databases in Telugu. Festival/festival-te work with Telugu. Perl language can work effectively with Telugu. Tex system works flawlessly in Telugu.

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