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Welcome to this website - devoted to open source/free software. We offer traditional knowledge- in all its forms- in formats not bound by patents and other restrictions. We offer these under GNU GPL version 2 (or similar liberal) license. You are free to download/use/redistribute all or part of the contents - as per the terms of the above (or specified) license. There is no warranty of any kind from us as to its fitness or usefulness.

The contents have been compiled using Fedora and Ubuntu. They will (except those meant specifically for linux/BSD systems) work under linux or BSD or MS WINDOWS. Our earnest request is that you should use them under linux or FreeBSD. If your system has only MSWindows, please use any livecd.

Our Policies:

  1. Free Software will be used - except where it is not possible. In all such exceptions, only licensed/legally purchased software will be used. Contents will be delivered in formats supported by free software such as - xhtml, pdf, flac, ogg, ogv, png, svg, gzip, rzip.
  2. Credit/Acknowledgement will be given wherever material from others are used. In all cases where software/contents are not free, prior permission will be obtained from the owners for use in this website.
  3. Contents are available for download under GNU GPL ver2 license except where other licenses are specifically mentioned.
  4. There are no hyper links to other sites.
  5. There are no javascripts/other scripts except English2Telugu, Telugu2English, Multi-lingual and Indian Language Converter transliterators. There are no "cookies".
  6. There will be no violation of any law - in general and trade marks/patents in particular. If any violation is noticed, please bring it to our notice so that such contents can be removed.
  7. Personal information such as address, financial details will not be asked - will not be given.
  8. Telugu Diction Used: Region-neutral simplified granthikam.

Contact Address- Address for feedback:

This site is dedicated to my grandparents late Sri Dandapani Sastry, late Smt Kamalamba, and my parents late Sri G.V.Subrahmanyam and late Smt.Lakshmi.

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