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Introduction to our site: This is an unusual site- advertisement free and the contents are freely- downloadable and usable without any legal restrictions from patents, copyrights.

To avoid problems arising from low bandwidth, contents are optimised- with minimum video content.

Introduction to telugu lnguage: Telugu literature has grown over hundreds of years. There is evidence of highly evolved Telugu language- at least from the period of Nannaya. Although it is not perhaps equal to some languages like English in volume, it does have well developed literature- prose, poetry, drama, other forms such as lullabies and folk songs. It is our duty to realise its greatness, preserve it and develop it further.

Introduction to telugu script: See this evolution. Telugu script has evolved over nearly thousand years. The present form is systematic and so is easy to remember and use. Certain forms used earlier which were either inconvenient (or not pleasing or not easy or not useful) been discarded. It is very good- it covers almost all sounds. It records exactly what we say- in fact more perfectly than English. We write almost exactly what we say. So it is much simpler than English. Unlike English/French there is no need to remember spelling- it is always what we speak. There are some simplications. Even these simplifications are standardised.

The project is huge and so the contents will be uploaded piecemeal- that is- by stages. Do bear with us. Are you interested in helping us in any way - for improving the contents- for increasing/enlarging the contents? You are welcome to contact us with details. Contact Address: gbsubrahmanyamATgmailDOTcom.

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