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All the kirtanas are made available in Ogg format. Actually this compression is about same level as mp3 compression. The major advantages are (1) this is completely free from license-patent-trade mark restrictions, (2) it is [in our opinion] better technically- in copying, playing, editing and encoding.

The text of kirtanas are given as pdf files - in Telugu Script so that you can download and read them even if your system does not have support for Telugu.

Tyagaraja Kirtanas: You can browse by kirtanas, ragas or talas- for selecting the required kirtana.

Annamacharya Kirtanas: You can browse by kirtanas- Kirtanas-Part1, Kirtanas-Part2 or ragas- Ragas-Part1, Ragas-Part2 for selecting the required kirtana.

Others : Muthuswamy Dikshitulu, Syama Sastry were contemporaries of Tyagaraja. List of Kirtanas of Muthuswamy Dikshitulu are given here. These will be upload once the files are verified. Kirtanas of Syama Sastry are given here.

You can listen in Ogg format- Tyagaraja, Annamaiah and Others.

You can download, use these contents as per the terms of GNU GPL ver2.

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