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This massive uploading of nearly Annamacharya 15000 was possible only because of availability of linux, and free software tools in linux such as mysql, sed, awk, apache2 web server, linuxtools, bash shell scripts, script, gzip, tar, audacity, ogg/flac formats, tex software. These enabled us to do this work inexpensively and make it possible to offer them for free download in advertisement-free forum.

Annamacharya Kirtanas: The text of kirtanas are given as html files - in Telugu Script so that you can download and read them quickly. The entire lot of kirtanas easily available- about 15000 - can be accessed through this index file. The kirtanas have been grouped as per telugu alphabet.

Tyagaraja Kirtanas: You can browse by Kirtanas, or ragas or talas for selecting the required kirtana using this index.

Others - Syama Sastry:: Kirtanas of Syama Sastry are given here.

Others - Muthuswamy Dikshitulu : To the best of our knowledge, all kirtanas of Muthuswamy Dikshitulu are in either in Sanskrit or in Tamil.

Others - Ramadasu : You can access the required kirtana of Saint Ramadas(also known as Kancherla Gopanna) using this index file.

We intend to make audio files available in Ogg format gradually. Actually this compression is about same level as mp3 compression. The major advantages are (1) this is completely free from license-patent-trade mark restrictions, (2) it is [in our opinion] better technically- in copying, playing, editing and encoding. You can download, use these contents as per the terms of GNU GPL ver2.

Annamacharya is reported to have composed 32000 kirtanas. All of them are not available. We have processed the files available to us (about 15000) using RTS transliteration. So mistakes in vattulu (ba-bha, da-dha),/bindu/ardhabindu could have escaped our notice. We will be thankful if you can inform of us of any such mistakes. Your cooperation will enable us rectify such mistakes. Our contact address: gbsubrahmanyamATgmailDOTcom.

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