Mahabubnagar District

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It is bounded on the south by Anantapur District, on the east by Prakasam District, on the west by Karnataka State, on the south by Anantapur/Cuddapah districts.Chennai-Mumbai and Hyderabad-Bangaluru, Hyderabad-Chennai rail links pass through this District. There are other rail links connecting adjacent States. NH 7 passes through this distrct. Apart from this, there are number of roadways connecting other areas. Bangaluru is the nearest Airport.

Sthalapuranam of each place will be given in pdf format. The videos are in png-ogv formats.

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The more prominent temples that are worth visiting are: Kurumurthi, Alampur, Gudeballore, Makthal, Rameswaram(Shadnagar), Jetprole, Shadnagar, Chowdammagutta, Gangapur, Gadwal, Kollapur, Simgotam.

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