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Nellore District is bound by Onglore District in the north,Bay of Bengal in the east,Chittor District in the south, Cuddapah district in the west. Chennai -Kolkatta,Chennai-Delhi rail route passes through this district. NH5 passes through this district. This district has well developed roads connecting all places in the district and neighbouring states. Nearest airports are :Chennai and Tirupati.

Sthalapuranam of each place will be given in pdf format. The images are in png format. The videos are in avi/ogv formats. .

Places which should be visited are: Jonnawada, Kavali, Mallam, Mannarpoluru, Nellore-local, Prabhagiripatnam, Penchelakona, Sullurpet, Udayagiri, Vedagiri, Venkatagiri.

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