Vizianagaram District

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Vizianagaram district has Odisha state on the north, Srikakulam district on the east and Bay of Bengal and Visakhapatnam district in the south

The road connectivity is very good. National Highway connecting Kolkatta with Chennai passes through this State. Rail connection to Visakhapatnam, adjoing Odisha state and Srikakulam state are good. Chennai-Kolkatta railway line also passes through this district.Vizianagaram is a big railway junction - with connection to Odisha and further also.

The nearest airport is Visakhapatnam.

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Places which should be visited are: Bobbili, Galavirli, Govindapuram, Jammi, Kumili, Narayanapuram, Punyagiri, Ramatheertam, Vizianagaram-Local.

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