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A tribute to Wikipedia-Telugu - and people who are associated with it: This section owes its life to Wikipedia -Telugu. We got the inspiration and confidence to put up this section from them. All books uploaded will be offered free of cost - on non-commercial altruistic basis. We will endeavour to upload these books [wherever required] to Wikipedia-telugu gradually.

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  1. Manucharitramu:* Html :: Zipped File
  2. Parijatapaharanamu:* Html :: Zipped File
  3. Vijaya Vilasamu:* Html :: Zipped File


  1. A History of Telugu Literature* by P.Chenchaiah-1873 Html Zipped File
  2. Molla Ramayanamu:* Html :: Zipped File
  3. Musalamma Maranamu* Html :: Zipped File
  4. Old Telugu Books available in British Library -1912* A catalogue of Telugu Books - Pdf
  5. Palnati Vira Charitra* Html :: Zipped File
  6. Ranganatha Ramayanamu* Html :: Zipped File
  7. Sampurna Neeti Chandrika* Html :: Zipped File

A.H.Arden English Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu

Bammera Potana English Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu

Chinnaya Suri English Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu

C.P.Brown English Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu

Duvvuri RamireddyEnglish Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu

Rayapati SubbaraoEnglish Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu

Tirumalacharyacharya English Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu

Viresa Lingam English Telugu SystemWithoutTelugu


  1. CP Brown Dictionary ** Zipped File :: It is very old, and sometimes its diction may not correspond to current usage. Thanks to wwwDOTsourceforgeDOTnet for making it available for free download. Our Experience.
  2. eng2teludic2 ** Html :: Zipped File
  3. eng2teludic3 ** Html :: Zipped File
  4. eng2teludic4 ** Html :: Zipped File
  5. telu2engdic2 ** Html :: Zipped File
  6. telu2engdic3 ** Html :: Zipped File
  7. telu2engdic4 ** Html :: Zipped File

Other books will be uploaded gradually

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