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This is a modest attempt to start providing texts that are not easily available. This is a huge task and so this section will be updated regularly. Only those items which are not covered by copyright - and are distributable freely are included.

It is not our intention to violate any law. If you find that any book present here is not freely distributable or is covered by copyright please do let us know and we will remove the item. Address to be contacted: gbsubrahmanayamATgmailDOTcom

We acknowledge our debt to wiki who gave us the inspiration/confidence that we can bring old books to web in free formats. This section is our tribute to all those people who contributed to wiki-telugu.

We are offering items for free download in accordance with GNUGPL v.2 except where other licenses are mentioned specifically as applicable. Please do read these licenses and understand the conditions under which they are offered before downloading the contents.

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