Z.Working With Telugu Using Live cd/dvd/usb

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Even without entering into regular system, work can be done using the hardware - excluding hard disk-the system. There are two ways.

Guest Session: Almost all linux distros (and FreeBSD also) have provision for "Guest Session". This is essentially a separate arm of main system - that does not require a password, allows working on temporary basis and user's workings are not retained/stored. The results of working have to be saved through Pendrive/other media. Security: It should be sufficient for average user. If higher security is required because the system has sensitive data/uses or due to other reasons, it is better to use a livecd or liveusb and save the workings through pendrive/cd/dvd.

Live cd/dvd/usb: a.Use liveusb: Packages needed can be written into livecd/dvd liveusb and work can be saved in external media. Please see this article on wikipedia - httpsCOLON//enDOTwekipediaDOTorg/wiki/Live_USB. b.Use live CD. See these articles:: 1. httpsDOT//linuxconfigDOTorg/live-cd-dvd-linux-download and 2. httpsCOLON//enDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/Live_CD. See this file also.

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