Mariadb database system

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The completely free database system MySQL was acquired by Sun Microsystems, which in turn was acquired by Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Corporation has clarified that (1) MySQL will continue to be available- on the same basis as it was earlier, (2) MySQL will continue to be available along with its own product Oracle.

However, doubts continued about the future of MySQL as free software. The lead developer of MySQL Michael Monty Widenius- one of the founders of MySQL took initiative to develop Mariadb as a viable alternative to MySQL. Mariadb intends to maintain compatibility with MySQL. In fact commands used in MySQL are the same in Mariadb also.

Fedora- a leading distribution, and several other linux distros like SUSE, Slack, Open SUSE, GNU/Linux Kdu have in fact dropped MySQL and are including Mariadb in ther systems. This could be out of concern that Oracle may be/is making MySQL a closed software project.

Mariadb developers claim that Mariadb is faster and better that MySQL. All major linux distros now have mariadb packages either as default systems or as an addition- alternative to MySQL.

Please see the website of maridadb for complete details