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Condiments(pachchallu) can prepared with lemon,mango,tomato, amla(usirikaya), and easily available items -like karepaku,kothamiri, podina, gongura,cabbage,beerakaya. Some of them can be retained/used only for few days while others are meant to be kept/used over a period of time. They are used both as additional side dishes and as substitute for pulusu(sambar),charu(rasam).

Pachchallu(condiments) meant only for few days are: Beerakaya, Cabbage, Dosakaya, Dosakaya-Perugu, Gongura, Kandi, Karepaku, Kobbari, Kothamiri, Lime-instant, Mango-instant, Podina, Vamkaya, VamkayaPerugu, Velaga-Karamu and Velaga-Tipi.

Condiments for Storage For Longer time: Mamidi-Avakaya, Mamidi-Tokku, Nimma, Tomato, Usirikaya.

Precautions to be taken:

  1. For current use keep smaller quantity in separate jar and take from the smaller jar -rather than from the main container. Use wooden or plastic spoon .
  2. Always use a freshly cleaned dry spoon
  3. Check if the condiment you are about to use is not stale/spoiled - before you use
  4. Keep the containers in which the condiments are stored tightly closed

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