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Traditional Cooking is all about providing healthy, balanced diet for all seasons for all- for all age groups, for men and women of all conditions.

We are giving only vegetarian menus - (1) we know only vegetarian dishes and (2) we believe that vegetarian food is easy to prepare and not expensive.

Most important fact about traditional cooking is the emphasis that is placed on nutrition, improving defence mechanism of body, and avoiding the need for invasive treatment for illness, disease and deficiencies. Ingredients with germicidal and antibacterial qualities are included in different recipes. It is one of the steps that can enable us to have a better living/life with minimum expenditure.

You are welcome to use the contents on your own responsibility. We offer the recipes/data under GNU GPLVer2- and also subject to this disclaimer- without any warranty as to their use for any purpose whatsoever. Please read and understand GPLver2 and this disclaimer before dowloading/using any of these recipes.

There are restrictions on food for expectant/nursing mothers, for those with diabetics, and for those with health problems like heart/other ailments or allergy. Please do consult your elders or a physician if anyone for whom these items are prepared is expectant/nursing mother or has any ailment or abnormal condition- any health issues or allergy.

Individual recipes are in the sub-directories- condiments, powders, quickies, regulars, specials or sweets.

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