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Shells are the languages through which Linux Operating Systems operate. The default shell is BASH - though there are other shells like ksh, csh, rsh. Since bash is the default shell in linux distros and most used shell we refer to usages of this shell.

BASH is very versatile shell and has easy diction. Commands of several utilities like sed, awk, and languages like Perl can be blended in a shell. In fact sed/awk commands can be used one after another in bash shell. Problems/issues involving loops can be easily worked via bash script. Work requiring eloborate programming can be done using simple shell scripts. Thus shell scripts simplify work.

Syntax It is usual to start the shell command or "script" as it is usually referred to- with "#!/bin/bash". It is also better if the name of the script has suffix of ".sh". Shell script should be made executable with chmod command giving permissions and then used- prefixing "./" to the name of the shell.

Example from our experience. A mistake in name of raga "todi" (Correct spelling in Telugu- "todi". Typed in Telugu- "tondi". Shell script used: "for f in a*.html; do sed -i '46 s/తోండి/తోడి/' $f done". This script corrected the mistake in 40 files spread over 15 directories in about 15000 files in one step.

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