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Linux has very good utilities for compressing data - making it easier for storage/safe keeping/transfer to other systems.

Gzip:It has most widespread usage. It compresses only single files and output is *.gz. Usage: gzip xyz.html.The output is xyz.html.gz. If original file is to be retained, the syntax is "gzip -k xyz.html. There will be two files now xyz.html and xyz.html.gz. Usage for restoring original file: "gunzip xyz.html.gz. This manual wwwDOTgnuDOTorg/software/gzip/manual/gzipDOThtml has complete details.

Bzip2: It only compresses single files.It is more efficient that gzip -the compressed file is smaller. Usage: "bzip2 xyz.txt". Output is xyz.txt.bz2. Use withh "-k" if original file is to be retained. To restore file the command is "bzip2 -d xyz.txt.bz2" or "bunzip2 xyz.txt.bz2".

xz: This is better that both gzip and b2zip. Usage: "xz xyz.txt". Output will be xyz.txt.xz. To restore the file, the command is "xz -d xyz.txt.xz". If the original file is to be retained, use with "-k" option. The manpage - "man xz" - gives full detils. Home page for this utility: wwwDOTtukaaniDOTorg.

There are other utilities for very large files rzip (home page- httpsCOLON//rzipDOTorg), lrzip (httpsCOLON//wikiDOTarchlinuxDOTorg), lzip (wwwDOTnongnuDOTorg).

Gzip, bzip2, xz are included in most of the linux distributions.The relevant manuals "man *, " infor *, * --help" are also included.

Compressing image files. Okular, GIMP, ImageMagick packages can be used to compress/reduce the size of the image or of the file for individual images. "ffmpeg" utility can be used to reduce size of videos (with or without audio). ffmpeg utility can reduce the the size of the file substantially- often to 1/3rd of the original file- by adjusting fps(frame per second) and bitrates(sound settings).

Our Experience: General files: We found that xz is the best utility. However, we have used gzip only as its use appears to be more wide spread. We checked the efficiency with one large file containing 15000 records (named GBS1.txt). The results are:: GBS1.txt - 1.7M, GBS1.txt.bz2 - 231K, GBS1.txt.gz 364K, GBS1.txt.xz - 248K - all with default settings.

Our Experience: Compressing image files. Okular is used by us for optimizing the images. Images in jpg format were opened with okular for resizing images for showing required portions and saving in png format. The size of file also decreased substantially. GIMP is used to minimize the size of file - using facilities for indexing/Grey colours and colours(posterise).

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