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tar is used to create medium for storing/saving files - and retrieving them as and when needed. Incidentally it can be used to transfer files, images by email, or pen(usb)drives.... It will make such transfers easier, and safer. It can compress/uncompress files and strightaway modify -add/delete earlier tar files. It is used with command " tar.....".

1.Creating an Archive "tar -cf *.tar". "c" is for create, "f" is for mentioning name of Archive file. If only display is needed and actual file is not to be created "t" is used instead. If full details are to be seen "v" is added.

"tar -cvf penguin4u.tar *txt, *html, *png" will create a tar penguin4u.tar of all txt, html, png files in the directory showing names of all files included. This can be stored in a file - for checking details --"tar -cvf penguin4u.tar *txt, *html, *png> penguincheck.txt".(In these examples we have used name - penguin*)

2.If actual tar is not to be created but only checked, "tar -tvf penguin4u.tar *txt, *html, *png> checkpenguin.txt" is the command.

3. Adding "-j" to tar command "cvf..." or "cf....." creates a compressed tar file. "tar -cvfj penguin4u,tar.tbz *txt, *html,*png" will create a compressed tar file.

Adding "-z" to tar command "cvf..." or "cf....." creates a gzipped tar file. "tar -cvfz penguin4u.tar.gz *txt, *html,*png" will create a tar file zipped with gzip.

A tar file can be zipped with gzip, bzip, xzzip or others like rzip. This two step method is more advantageous - tar file can be saved separately if needed - by using "-k" option while zipping. Please the documentation for fuller details.

4. Extracting files from tar: "tar -xf penguin4u.tar". If details are to be seen "v" is added "xvf". Or "tar -xf penguin4u.tar.gz" if it is zipped with gzip. In case of zipped tar files it is better to unzip it with the relevant utility, and then extract files from tar file. It is good to extract contents in another place - just to avoid any mishap to existing files which may have similar name. Please see the documentation for fuller details on adding to existing tar file or partial extration files from tar file.

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