Free Audio/File Formats - Ogg-Flac-PDF

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OGG: This is a freeware - freely available software. It reduces an audio file to (approximately) one-tenth of the normal size- of wav file. It is parallel to mp3 form. We believe that it is better than mp3 form for two reasons.

  1. There is no deterioration in quality when it is copied, moved or exported- any number of times. It is a free source- without any legal restrictions.
  2. It reduces/removes such sounds- components of audio file that are not normally audible to human ear. So it is called a lossy format. But the quality of the music is not affected much since the parts lost in compression are those not audible to human ear.

FLAC: This is also a freeware- software available freely. It reduces an audio file- from normal wav form to roughly one-half of the size. The codec does not remove any part of the sounds. Since there is no loss of sound whatsoever, it is a lossless format. The quality is excellent, with added benefit that the audio file is down to roughly half its size.

PDF: Portable Document Format: Documents in this format are system- machine- operating system independant. A PDF file created in Solaris or MS Windows systems can be read/used without any difficulty in Linux or Free BSD. It is an excellent format to use with documents. We can export, import, transfer PDF files from any machine to anyother machine without any problem.

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